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    The Berlin Art Prize is an independent award for contemporary art, open to all Berlin-based artists. Every year, a select five-member jury from Berlin’s art scene awards the prize using an anonymous jurying process. All nominees are presented to the public in a group exhibition accompanied by a program of public events, including readings, performances, discussions, and workshops. The Berlin Art Prize is awarded to three of the nominees, who receive an invitation to a residency, award money, and a trophy designed on the occasion by a Berlin-based artist.

    Four Berliners, all cultural producers themselves, launched the Berlin Art Prize in 2013. From the beginning they aimed to create a community-oriented award, beyond the pre-existent art world economy. The concept is simple, yet singular: open to all, names and career experience are irrelevant, and only the art is taken into consideration.

    The Berlin Art Prize is a subversive cover version of classic art prizes. Despite formal references to the many existing awards, the Berlin Art Prize represents an alternative structure for the evaluation, interpretation, and presentation of art in Berlin.

  • Team


    Sophie Jung, art historian and journalist, Co-Director
    Zoë Claire Miller, artist and curator, Co-Director
    Alicia Reuter, art historian and editor, Co-Director
    Ulrich Wulff, painter (emeritus)


    Leonie Huber, Project Manager, Exhibition
    Mira Starke, Project Manager, Public Program and Publication
    Saskia Wichert, Project Manager, Media and Press


    GeoVanna Gonzalez
    Moritz Fedkenheuer
    Lydia Korndörfer
    Dan Meththananda
    Owen Reynolds Clements
    Erin Reznick
    Travis Robertson
    Ann-Kathrin Rudorf
    Attila Saygel
    Lorenz Schreiber

  • Partners

    The Berlin Art Prize cooperates with a network of friends and partners with the objective of maintaining transparency in respect to the production of a cultural prize.

    The Berlin Art Prize 2018 has partnered with:


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  • Press


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    Neuer Kunstpreis: Berlin Art Prize, tip Berlin, 06.18.2013



    For English language inquiries and high-resolution images relating to the prize please contact Alicia Reuter.


    Alicia Reuter




    +49 (0)30 88 49 29 64



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    The Berlin Art Prize e.V. is a non-profit organization. Your donation will directly support our programming and keep events free and open to every member of the public.

    Your support is what helps make the Berlin Art Prize exceptional!

    Please contact Sophie Jung at s.jung(at)berlinartprize.com if you have questions in regards to a donation or if you wish a tax deductable receipt.

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