Project Spaces


Ashley Berlin is an independent, non-profit exhibition space that presents work by emerging, under-recognized and women artists. It was founded in 2013 and is directed by Kate Brown and Lauryn Youden.


Display is a space for experimental artistic and curatorial practices. Founded in 2015, it is understood as a transitory space, where creation, presentation, representation, and questioning contemporary practices can be done simultaneously.


gr_und is a nonprofit artist-run space in Wedding, Berlin. gr_und is an active space for the materialization of curated concepts, using multi-disciplinary methods of visual art, performance, sound, and linguistics. The mission of gr_und is to support artists and advance the knowledge and practice of contemporary visual arts and culture in Berlin.

Horse & Pony

Horse & Pony is an artist-run project space located near Körnerpark in Neukölln. The mission of the space is to provide artists and curators with room for experimentation and development, as well as to facilitate creative exchanges with other project spaces, encouraging our collaborators to work outside their typical constraints.

Kinderhook & Caracas

Kinderhook & Caracas is a project space and initiative run by Sol Calero and Christopher Kline, founded in 2011. It is named after their hometowns of Caracas, Venezuela and Kinderhook, New York respectively. Programming focuses on immersive installations and in-depth projects developed together with Berlin-based artists.

Kreuzberg Pavillon

Kreuzberg Pavillon focuses on the development of extended exhibition concepts, which so far can only be created and implemented in project spaces. The special intellectual and sensory freedom experienced by artists and, in turn, the visitors in project spaces is tested in a variety of exhibitions and open concepts that form a necessary deinstitutionalized space of experience.


SMAC is a project and exhibition space located in Berlin Mitte. It is committed to presenting solo shows featuring the work of Berlin-based artists as well as curated projects. SMAC was initiated by Stephanie Hundertmark and Matthias Birkholz.

The Institute for Endotic Research

The Institute for Endotic Research began in 2015 as a fictional institution understood as a habitable sculpture. TIER’s program challenges the processes of producing and presenting art through encounters, workshops and interventions.


Very is an art space, a venue, an experimental site. Located in a former carriage garage in Berlin-Gesundbrunnen, Very opened in 2018 as a collective experiment and temporary stabilization. The projects are open in practice and format and are developed with an organic process.