9 Project Spaces
9 Nominees
9 Solo Exhibitions

The Berlin Art Prize e.V. has shown the work of its annual nominees in centrally located group exhibitions five times. In 2019 the Berlin Art Prize is collaborating with some of the spaces that provide an independent infrastructure for artistic practises and their critical reception in the city. For the sixth edition of the independent award, the Berlin Art Prize e.V. will present nine solo exhibitions by nine nominees in nine project spaces from August 30/31 through September 27, accompanied by a discursive program of events. With this, the Berlin Art Prize e.V. expands and shifts its role from a prize for new art to become a collaborative project with the independent scene. The nine nominees are:

Esteban Rivera Ariza
Musquiqui Chihying
Marianna Christofides
Larissa Fassler
Ada Van Hoorebeke
Wieland Schönfelder
Agnes Scherer
Joshua Schwebel
Min-Wei Ting

The nominees were chosen through an open call, followed by an anonymous selection process and studio visits with the jury. The jury will select three winners during the exhibitions, to be announced during a midnight ceremony on 14 September 2019, at the Atelierhaus am Flutgraben.

Award Ceremony: September 14
Trophy by Saâdane Afif
Residency at 80121 Napoli