<p>Trophies 2014, Markus Selg, photo by Roman März</p>

Trophies 2014, Markus Selg, photo by Roman März

The second exhibition of the Berlin Art Prize opened on the evening of June 14, 2014, with the works of twenty-nine nominees. Markus Selg, who designed the trophies based on a wooden figure from Benin, presented the winners with his trophy in the presence of the jury. The three winners were invited to a one-month residency in Tbilisi, Georgia, hosted by the Goethe Institute.


Cosima von Bonin
Kimberly Bradley
(Art critic)
Judith Hopf
Egill Saebjörnsson
Nicolaus Schafhausen



Roche I-V
Des Ptohograhpies

“Des Ptohograhpies’ overtly humorous, seemingly meaningless subject matter and collective, anonymous authorship riffs on Dada but looks like Pop, psychedelia, maybe even high-end advertising. Where does an idea divide itself from material, thought from physical reality? Why not depict cheese as an idea of an object, the simplest form of staging something in a picture? Is this portrait photography we are looking at, or still life, or anti-concept as concept? Does it matter?” – from the jury statement



Ulu Braun

“It is said that it is always good to have an end to a journey, but in Ulu Braun’s film FORST it is the journey that matters – Ulu developed a video work that might catch up, in some small way, to the stories and aesthetics coming from inner or other planets, one which whispers through the pathos-loaded yet still humorous use of computer animation to us spectators: Distrust everything I say. I am telling the truth.” – from the jury statement



Okka-Esther Hungerbühler

“The American film director Jack Smith would be proud of his “daughter” Okka-Esther Hungerbühler if he were to see Blume. Smith is regarded as one of the first proponents of an aesthetic which purposefully employs the simplest means of production. One cannot deny that Hungerbühler makes use of a similarly effusive citation of the clichés of trash and event culture. Does art have to be entertaining? The Viennese artist collective Gelitin postulates that art should be ‘surprising, sexy, new, unexpected, sudden, impressive, beautiful, friendly, loving, detailed, complex, and above all, it should be something that cannot be expressed in words.’ Now thankfully, good art is not bound to rational and efficiency-oriented goals. The voyeuristic flower and the deep breaths it takes affirms all of this for us.” – from the jury statement




Sophia Domagala

St. Sebastian
Daniel Hoflund

<p>Photos by Joseph Kadow & Timothy Schaumburg</p>

Photos by Joseph Kadow & Timothy Schaumburg

Vase I-IV
Nico Ihlein


  • <p>Exhibition View (left-right): Jean-Baptiste Bouvet, Nico Ihlein</p>
    01 of 14

    Exhibition View (left-right): Jean-Baptiste Bouvet, Nico Ihlein

  • <p>Exhibition View (left-right): Ulu Braun, Louise Gibson, Jenny Brosinski</p>
    02 of 14

    Exhibition View (left-right): Ulu Braun, Louise Gibson, Jenny Brosinski

  • <p>Exhibition View (left-right): Dafna Maimon, Ethan Hayes-Chute, Jonathan Rescigno, Okka-Esther Hungerbühler, Kai Zimmer</p>
    03 of 14

    Exhibition View (left-right): Dafna Maimon, Ethan Hayes-Chute, Jonathan Rescigno, Okka-Esther Hungerbühler, Kai Zimmer

  • <p>Exhibition View (left-right): Kai Zimmer, Anne Lass, Dennis Buck</p>
    04 of 14

    Exhibition View (left-right): Kai Zimmer, Anne Lass, Dennis Buck

  • <p>Exhibition View (left-right): Daniel Grüttner, Louise Gibson, Ulu Braun</p>
    05 of 14

    Exhibition View (left-right): Daniel Grüttner, Louise Gibson, Ulu Braun

  • <p>Exhibition View (left-right): Kata Unger, Ethna O’Regan</p>
    06 of 14

    Exhibition View (left-right): Kata Unger, Ethna O’Regan

  • <p>Hoji Tschuiya</p>
    07 of 14

    Hoji Tschuiya

  • <p>Des Ptohograhpies</p>
    08 of 14

    Des Ptohograhpies

  • <p>Exhibition View (left-right): Bernd Imminger, Benjamin de Búrca and Bárbara Wagner</p>
    09 of 14

    Exhibition View (left-right): Bernd Imminger, Benjamin de Búrca and Bárbara Wagner

  • <p>Kaoru Hirano</p>
    10 of 14

    Kaoru Hirano

  • <p>Daniel Hoflund</p>
    11 of 14

    Daniel Hoflund

  • <p>Exhibition View (left-right): Paolo Chiasera, Elmar Vestner</p>
    12 of 14

    Exhibition View (left-right): Paolo Chiasera, Elmar Vestner

  • <p>Oliver Pietsch</p>
    13 of 14

    Oliver Pietsch

  • <p>Oliver Walker</p>
    14 of 14

    Oliver Walker

The second Berlin Art Prize exhibition, at Kühlhaus close to Berlin’s Gleisdreieck, was open from June 15–28, 2014. Photos by Phillip Külker and Joseph Kadow.




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