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the trophies 2014, Markus Selgthe trophies 2014, Markus Selg

On the evening of 14 June 2014 the second Berlin Art Prize exhibition opened, presenting all 29 nominated artistic positions from Berlin to the public. The jury selected Des Ptohograhpies for their photo series “Roche I-V”, Ulu Braun for his film “FORST”, and Okka-Esther Hungerbühler for her robotic sculpture “Blume” as this year’s three winners. Additionally, the jury decided to award three honorable mentions to Daniel Hoflund for his work “St. Sebastian”, to Sophia Domagala for her works “Retrofrost” and “Letter to Rose” as well as to Nico Ihlein for his series “Vase I-IV”. The three winners were awarded prize money and a one-month residency in Tbilisi, Georgia in collaboration with the Goethe Institute. The trophies were created by Markus Selg.