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HARD WORK / WORK HARD! This was the slogan that launched the fourth edition of the Berlin Art Prize in 2016. On December 10, 2016 the jury officially announced the three winners. But HARD WORK / WORK HARD was more than an ironic commentary: In 2017 the team of the Berlin Art Prize will be taking a break. Until the next edition of our independent art award, you can find information about all of the nominees, winners, juries, and trophies created by Berlin-based artists from the past four years on this website.


Trophy 2016, fragment of pulsar PSR B1257+12, Tomás SaracenoTrophy 2016, fragment of pulsar PSR B1257+12, Tomás Saraceno

From November 11 to December 10 the artistic positions of all nine artists nominated for the Berlin Art Prize 2016 were on view in Kühlhaus Berlin. The works represented a broad range of artistic practices, from installation and photography to performance and conceptual approaches. The exhibition was accompanied by a series of events open to the public and a catalog was published for the occasion.

After an open call to all Berlin-based artists, the jury had selected the nine nominated artists through a multi-stage, anonymous process. On December 10, the prize winners were announced during an award ceremony, where in addition to a residency at the CCA Tbilissi in Georgia and prize money, they were given a trophy created by Tomás Saraceno for the occasion.