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The open call for the fifth edition of the Berlin Art Prize ended on May 30. The jury is now reviewing the applications. More information about the nominees, the exhibition and the event programme is coming soon. Please write to contact(at)berlinartprize.com with any questions.

I. Submission

Applicants should submit a selection of their own work. Please submit a maximum of five works. It is not necessary to develop new works for the Berlin Art Prize – works should already exist and produced within the last five years.

You can only apply for the Berlin Art Prize via e-mail. Please send documentation of a maximum of five works, with up to four images of each work, in one PDF (maximum 15 MB). If your application includes sound or video files, please send these via WeTransfer. Please include the link to the downloadable files in the e-mail of your application, not in the PDF.

Please do not send a CV. An optional statement can accompany the submitted artworks. The statement can be a general description of your artistic position or it can be about individual works. We strongly suggest the following: circa 100 words on your general artistic practice and a clarification of individual works of up to 100 words per artwork. This text should not be longer than a page. Please include it within the portfolio PDF.

For purposes of anonymity, do not put your name in your portfolio. Any applications containing the artist’s name or any references to specific galleries, curators, exhibitions, awards, schools, etc. will be disqualified. It is acceptable to simply black out the name and/or replace it with “the artist,” “the location,” or “the university,” etc. in texts about the work.

The application should contain following:

1) The portfolio (and the optional statement and work descriptions) as a single PDF.

Please do not include your name anywhere in this file – only the title of the file should contain your name (last name, first name). This format ensures that we are able to easily anonymise the file, which is an important aspect of the prize.

This file should be labeled:

Ex: SchmidtHelmut_Portfolio

2) The completed application form as a PDF (download under “III. The Prize” on this website). This should be labeled:

Ex: SchmidtHelmut_Application

3) A screenshot documenting your payment of the administrative fee as a PDF or JPG.

All data of applicants will be kept strictly confidential. Closing date for applications is May 30, 2018. Applications should be sent as a PDF to:


Any further questions regarding the Berlin Art Prize can be addressed to: contact(at)berlinartprize.com, please only email your application to apply(at)berlinartprize.com

Administrative Fee

Unfortunately, after launching in 2013, we realized that it is not possible to produce the Berlin Art Prize without an administrative fee. Your fee of ten Euros goes towards the costs of the jury sittings, materials, and organizational structure. The fee can be transferred via Paypal or a bank transfer.

Please upload a screenshot of your ten Euro payment confirmation as a JPG or PDF along with your application email. Applications without proof of payment cannot be considered.

We are extremely grateful for any additional donation above the ten Euro fee.

Payment information:

Fee: ten Euros

PayPal: paypal@berlinartprize.com

Bank:Berlin Art Prize e.V.
BLZ: 83094495
Kontonummer: 3237516
IBAN: DE84830944950003237516

II. Selection

After the applications are received, an initial selection of approximately fifteen artists will be made using a blind method. All candidates will be notified by July 1, 2018 if they have been chosen for the long list.

In order to guarantee that the jury can view the original works before nominating the artists for the exhibition and catalog of the Berlin Art Prize 2018, for the second selection phase members of the jury and the Berlin Art Prize will arrange a series of dates for the jury to visit the studios of the artists selected for the long list. At this point, the process is no longer anonymous. The dates will be arranged between July 6–16, 2018. If an artist is not in Berlin at the time of the studio visits, it is possible to have a third party represent the artist. If the artist does not have a studio, we will work with the artist to fin
d a suitable alternative location for the visit. The artist will be responsible for transporting their work to and from the alternate location as well as installation.

In this second phase the jury will nominate approximately ten artists from the long list of fifteen artists, whose works will be shown in the Berlin Art Prize 2018 exhibition. The Berlin Art Prize offers a compensation of fifty Euros per artist who is on the longlist, but not the shortlist.

For the final phase, the artist must be able to deliver the selected works to the exhibition location between August 25–28, 2018. If an artist is not present at this time, a third party can deliver the work. The works should be properly packed and include installation instructions. The artist will be required to assist with setting up works that are technically complicated or time-consuming to install.

The winners of the Berlin Art Prize 2018 will be chosen by the jury during the exhibition and announced at the end of the exhibition. The jury will justify their selection of the winners in a short text.

The Berlin Art Prize e.V. will take responsibility for the organization of the exhibition. A representative of the Berlin Art Prize will oversee the exhibition for the duration of the four-week show. We will handle the work with greatest care and respect, however, the Berlin Art Prize is not liable for any damages that might occur during transportation. The works will be insured at the exhibition. After the exhibition, the art must be collected between September 29–October 1, 2018 by the artist or a representative of the artist, who is responsible for packing and transporting the artwork from the exhibition space.

III. The Prize

All Berlin Art Prize nominees will receive a 700€ participation fee, which includes any production costs for the exhibited works. In addition to the exhibition and publication, the three winners of the Berlin Art Prize will also be awarded with a cash prize, a trophy created for the occasion by a Berlin-based artist, and an invitation to a residency in Spring 2019 in Marrakech, Morocco hosted by the Queens Collective. More details on the dates and location of the residency will be provided when the nominees are announced. Flights and accommodation will be covered by the Berlin Art Prize e.V. Any additional costs, including food and travel during the residency, will be the responsibility of the prize winners. Participation in the residency is not obligatory.

Download: FAQs Berlin Art Prize 2018
Download: Application Form Berlin Art Prize 2018